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At SFC we strive to provide a safe soccer experience, which requires us to adhere to strict weather safety procedures and guidelines.

This is a general reminder that all games and practices will take place unless there is visible lightning or otherwise dangerous weather conditions.  Club wide and program specific announcements will be made from time-to-time and as early as possible.  Additional announcements will be made timely on the club's social media profiles.  All coaches are expected to use their best judgement for the safety of all players and staff during sudden inclement weather situations.

In the event of a lightning spotting/detection, please move from the field to a safe location, preferably indoors, immediately.  Play can only resume AFTER play has been suspended continuously for twenty (20) minutes and thirty (30) minutes have passed since the last lightning strike. 


No games or practices should continue if severe or dangerous conditions persist including but not limited to: severe storms, high winds, hail, extreme temperatures, etc.

Tournament games will rescheduled or scored based upon the available field space, remaining game time, position in standings and current score.  In general games that have entered the 2nd half will be deemed final if unable to resume timely.


*Failure to follow these guidelines could result in a player, staff member or volunteer being injured. Coaches, Managers or Parents who intentionally disregard this policy stand to lose their coaching or playing privileges.

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