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Strike FC Wisconsin is the newest member of the Select Clubs National Showcase League.  SFC will be joining the league during the Fall 2021 (Girls Select) and Spring 2022 (Boys Select) seasons.  This is a tremendous opportunity for our club, staff and players, representing a major step towards both regional and national recognition as a truly elite soccer club.

SFC will participate in the extremely competitive Central Division, which is made up of teams from: Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota and Wisconsin.  Our anticipated regional grouping includes the competitive clubs of: Chicago Inter SC, Club Ohio, Indiana Elite, Iowa United FC, JB Marine SC, Rockford Raptors, and Michigan Fire.  It is also anticipated that Indiana Elite will be our first regional pairing, which our club will play at a mutually agreeable site prior to June 2022.  *Please register below to join either the Boys Select Program webinar on Tuesday, October 5th at 8:45PM or the Girls Select Program webinar on Wednesday, October 6th at 8:30PM to learn more!



Select Clubs National Showcase League (SCNSL) is a newly formed platform that focuses solely on player development through the highest level of competition and maximum exposure for players to college coaches. The SCNSL operates with all competition planning and participation being conducted by member clubs and not by a Soccer Association.
The landscape of youth soccer competition platforms has been going through major changes in recent years. These fluctuations and most recent events have dictated, more than ever, the need for youth soccer club leaders being at the center of decision-making process to optimally serve their players. The SCNSL strongly believes in empowering players through empowering member clubs. The SCNSL offers regional and national competition for boys and girls teams ages U13 to U19.

The main objectives of SCNSL are to provide:
  • Highest Level of Competition - by selecting clubs with established pedigree and highest quality of player development history.  The SCNSL has a rigorous application and interview process that ensures access to the league is only made available to extremely high caliber teams and those exhibiting longevity in the youth soccer community.  
  • Maximum Exposure to College Coaches - by conducting regional and national league games during the nation’s leading showcase events and member club tournaments.  Competing amongst the top teams in both the region and nation on regular basis will provide SFC players with exposure that is unmatched in the area.
  • Limited Travel and Cost - by conducting all league games during designated member club tournaments, in lieu of traveling every other weekend and playing games at remote and isolated fields.  A platform that ensures lower costs and higher levels of competition is fitting for SFC's model, which is continually better priced and more appealing for youth players in southeast Wisconsin.
  • Player Recognition and Promotion - SCNSL will be provide one of the best player profile platforms and a dedicated program assisting players with college recruiting.  Paired with Trace ID, the addition of a dedicated College Pathway Director and elite coaching staff, SFC players will have tremendous opportunities to advance in their soccer careers.
The inaugural season will consist of regional games at member club tournaments and events including participation in two nationally recognized major College Showcase events in March 2022 (Players College Showcase, Las Vegas) and July 2022 (Chicago International College Showcase, Chicago). The competition regions are selected to accommodate member clubs with superior competition and by considering travel distances.  A complete list of participating clubs and the locations/dates of the events will be announced soon.  


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