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Learn the game with a focus on family and fun.

Our recreational soccer program is the foundation of SFC Wisconsin. Each year over 1,000 players register throughout all of our regions (Waukesha, Milwaukee, Ozaukee, Washington, Jefferson counties and beyond). Our focus is to provide a safe and fun environment for all players to develop physically, emotionally and mentally through the world’s game, soccer.


Ours recreational program typically consists of 1 weeknight practice (Tues, Weds or Thurs) with a volunteer coach and games on Saturdays.   Our volunteer coaches are provided with equipment, training and lesson plans, as well as assistance from professional staff.  We are able to offer numerous teams at each location, age group, gender, and playing ability to ensure everyone finds success.

Families choose recreational soccer for many reasons. Soccer provides a great avenue for players to learn about fitness and nutrition, develop strength, speed and coordination, acquire leadership and socialization skills, make new friends and hang-out with old friends.  All while having fun playing a universal sport.



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Recreational Coaching and Management

At Strike Wisconsin, players have the opportunity to learn the game of soccer with what is possibly the finest professional coaching staff in the region. All recreational teams are regional, and are supervised by their regional DOC (Director of Coaching).  Each team has a volunteer parent coach who runs practices and games, with access to proven practice plans. Volunteer coaches are encouraged and provided support to complete US Soccer's Grassroots coaching courses.  In addition, all of our staff coaches carry at least Grassroots licensing for ages U5 through U10, and typically are either pursuing or hold a D license or above for all other ages.

Recreational Team Formation

The basic recreational membership varies by age group, but always includes a uniform, weekly games, and team practices.  When registering at the beginning of the season, you are assigned a team for the full year. Our club may also form additional teams for spring season through a spring registration if there is sufficient interest.  Once registration is complete, we assemble local teams, based on their home region. When possible, we group players by school, so they can play with their friends and neighbors – a good way to facilitate carpooling!



All mini-rec teams (U5-U6) are coed. Rec teams (U7 and above) are divided into girls and boys teams age groups

For fairness reasons, age guidelines are strict in recreational soccer. Soccer uses a ‘U’ group to determine playing levels. Players are placed in the designated division based on their birth year, which usually correlates to their class in school.  As players progress through age groups, the number and length of practices increases, as does travel that is required for games. Precise birth year limits for each U level for the upcoming season can be found by age group.




Mini Recreational U5 – U6

Players’ skills develop through the combination of skills practices with fun, soccer-style games, which focus on maximizing the time each player has the ball. Players are placed on teams and have two one-hour sessions per week. The first half of each session focuses on skill development. The second half of the session consists of a small-sided 3v3, game. SFC Wisconsin staff coaches lead the players through one of the skill sessions each week. All practices are held in the region where the player registered.


Days of the week are the following:

Arrowhead + KM Area – Monday and Wednesdays 530-645PM (North Shore Middle School)

Oconomowoc Area – Weds/Thurs Practice and Saturday Games (Ewald Soccer Park)


Recreational U7 – U8

Players at the U7-U8 level continue to focus on individual skill development. Teams hold weekly one-hour training sessions with their volunteer coach. All practices are held in the players’ region.  The teams play weekly 4v4  games without a goalkeeper. Most games are played in the player’s home region against other teams in their region, though some travel may be required to play U7-U8 teams in other SFCW regions. 


Days of the week are the following:

Arrowhead +KM Area – Practice nights Weds or Thurs and Saturday games (Merton Community Park + Pollworth Park)

Oconomowoc Area – Practice nights Weds or Thurs and Saturday games (Ewald Soccer Park)


Recreational U9 - U10

We introduce goalkeepers at this age group: teams play 7v7 games plus a goalie. Players are placed on teams of up to 14 players.  Most games are played in the player’s home region against other teams in their region, though some travel may be required to play U9-U10 teams in other SFC Wisconsin regions depending on the overall number of teams formed.  Teams practice once per week with their volunteer coach. Teams have the option to practice a second time each week on their own with their parent volunteer coach.  All practices are held in the players’ region.  


Days of the week are as follows:

Arrowhead + KM Area – Practice nights Weds or Thurs and Saturday games (Merton Community Park + Pollworth Park)

Oconomowoc Area – Practice nights Weds or Thurs and Saturday games (Ewald Soccer Park)

Recreational U11-U12, U13-U14

The players now progress from pure technical skill development to technical and tactical development. U11-U12 teams play 8v8 games and have up to 18 players on their roster. U14 teams play full-sided 11v11 soccer, and have rosters of up to 22 players. Teams practice at once a week, with a possible second practice. Teams play in the Waukesha Area Recreational Soccer (WARS) external leagues where travel is more significant than in younger age groups, although still within the Greater Waukesha and Greater Metropolitan Milwaukee Area.


Playing Time

The intent of the program is for players to play at least 50% of the available minutes across the season. This applies to all players with regular and timely practice attendance. Coaches may not always be able to provide 50% of the available minutes for all players within a given game.



Season Structure

Players participate in two seasons. The fall game season runs mid-August to late-October and includes 6-8 games. The spring season runs from mid-April through mid-June, including 6-8 games.

SPRING TOURNAMENT - RetireCo Invitational Cup

For over the 33 years our recreational Spring Season culminates in our club’s annual tournament (minimum of 3 games for ALL teams).  Teams are also able to participate in additional tournaments in Southeast WI throughout the fall or spring season if their schedule permits and the team collects the additional funds needed for that event.

FALL TOURNAMENT - Kick or Treat Halloween Soccer Festival

ALL of or recreational teams have an opportunity to join in the fun at the end of the Fall Season to take part in our annual Halloween soccer festival.  The event features a variety of fall festivities, most teams arrive in costume and everyone has an opportunity to celebrate as the season wraps up.  This tournament features teams at a variety of competition levels with a minimum of 3 games and awards for every team.


We strive to make recreational soccer available to all players, and attempt to offer the most affordable option for families to participate in a two-season club sport. The quality of our coaching and administrative staff, programming, and facilities is superior to many alternative sports or activities that are significantly more expensive.  To be able to accomplish this, we rely heavily on volunteers to provide the backbone of our organization, and every family is required to volunteer a minimum number of hours to the club. Volunteer opportunities vary, but include coaching, team managers, concessions, field maintenance, and tournament staff. Our membership is also active in fundraising activities to maintain and develop new facilities, to provide an active scholarship fund, and to offer community programming.  We do not want to exclude any player who really wants to play soccer because of financial issues, and we offer financial aid on a case-by-case basis.

Additional Programming Available

Players who want to continue to develop their skills and satisfy their need for competition have the the opportunity to register for summer camps, indoor soccer, winter skills clinics, and winter futsal leagues. Our club also hosts specialized skill sessions throughout the season, including goalkeeping and finishing sessions.  Additional programming comes with additional costs.  Please see the web site and watch for club emails for details on location, time, and cost.

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