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Non Profit

We are a non profit organization.

Spread Soccer Across Southeast Wisconsin and Beyond

Our mission is to provide quality access to soccer to as many players as we can reach, at the level that they desire.

Make Available the Best Soccer Programs

We will continuously improve our programs and always strive to provide the best soccer programs in Wisconsin and the Midwest.

Listen to our Members

We will always listen to our members and use their feedback to improve the programs.

Dedicated Practice Sites

Our recreational and academy programs will practice in their home regions.  Our Select teams will have practice sites determined by roster make-up, and level of the team.


Value in Our Programs

We will work as hard as we can to keep our programs’ value consistent with similar soccer offerings.


Player Development is Always First

We will always put player development first.


Great Coaching Staff

Great soccer, and great player development, is made possible by great coaches. We will always strive to recruit and keep great coaches.


Micro and Recreational:

Emphasis on participation, skills, sportsmanship.

We will focus on giving our players opportunities to participate in the world’s game: soccer. We will keep no records of wins and losses. We will provide an enjoyable environment for the players to find pleasure in the game. We will challenge the players to improve their soccer skills. We will require sportsmanship from all, players and parents alike.


Academy and Select:

Emphasis on skills, technical and tactical.

From U7 to U12, we will focus our development on individual technical skills with the ball. We will not use team win/loss records as a major criterion for success.

At U13 and U14, we will add emphasis on passing, movement without the ball, field positioning, and finishing, along with more focus on collective play and results.

From U15 to U18, we will emphasize team formations, tactics for both defending and attacking, and specific tactical situations such as free kicks and corner kicks. Dribbling, passing, and finishing will remain key parts of training. Results will be one of the key measures of success.


We let our players manage their commitment.

By offering many training options we allow players to manage their development and their commitment to the sport. There is no greater reward to a coach than to see an athlete grow to manage his/her own development.


Forge a great club, great athletes and great human beings

We will always strive to be one of the best soccer clubs in the nation, while never forgetting that our primary goal is to help develop great kids of ALL skill levels.

  • We will provide opportunities for youth of all ages, ability and skill levels to play at the right level.

  • We will foster an environment of healthy competition and sportsmanship to keep kids enjoying the game while they improve their skills — never forgetting that what happens along the way is more important than medals or titles.

  • We will always focus on great soccer, great coaching and great programs, to help players achieve their full potential, giving some the chance to compete at the highest level.

  • We will create an organization that sustains the club over time, contributes to the community, and provides valuable life experiences for our players.

  • We will find ourselves successful if we can watch our players grow into mature athletes and great human beings.

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