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The most important part of mini-strikers soccer is to make it a fun activity for the kids – a game.  At Strike FC Wisconsin our very experienced staff has developed specific training practices and programs for our mini-strikers players, using play, music, and different types of training tools, which are specifically focused on this age group.

Program Structure

While all of our other programs have a yearly registration, because of the specific needs of 3-4 year olds, mini-strikers functions differently. The programs are developed in camp or clinic concepts for shorter time frames.  Programs are run outdoors in fall, spring, and summer, and indoors in between. Instruction is always fully led by staff coaches. In each session, we have as many staff coaches as necessary to ensure a coach/player ratio of approximately 1/12. Parents may stay and participate if they wish to, in which case they need to follow our coaches’ directions. You register your player online for the specific program description that you find appealing. These short commitments make it easier for you to involve your child in other activities throughout the year at this age, which our staff knows is great for their overall personal development.

Coaching and Management

At SFCW, players have the opportunity to learn the game of soccer with what is possibly the finest professional coaching staff in the region.

To make sure that we insure the best possible focus on the specific needs of our players our staff is has the licensing and training needed to understand the ages of the players they are teaching.  All staff involved with mini-strikers have a strong understanding of how to bring the game of soccer to our youngest players successfully.


Age Groups

Soccer uses a ‘U’ group to divide players into specific age groups in combination with the calendar birth year of the child. Strike FC’s mini programs extends from U4 to U6, which means children age 3-5 on January 1st of any year.


Evidence in sports education research shows that there is no benefit to having 3-5 year olds segregated by gender – gender-specific soccer education makes sense starting at U7 or U8, which is when Strike FC starts fielding girls teams.  All mini-strikers clinics (U4-U5) are Coed.


Transitioning from Mini to Rec Soccer

U5 players who have enjoyed our mini-strikers camp concepts could be ready for recreational soccer.  That program runs during the September/October and April/May time frames each year and involves 2 hours of soccer weekly.  One hour of skills work and one hour of competitive play in a 3v3 format.  See our recreational program area for the full description and registration information.  Registration happens during the months of April – June for the next program year with some additions in spring if there are team openings or additional teams forming.


Mini-Striker Fees

Mini fees are specific to each mini program provided as the number of hours, sessions, facility needs, etc. can differ by program.  

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