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Strike FC has developed a series of training sessions and plans for our recreational coaches.  Check back frequently as materials will update regularly!

Your initial weeks of training with your team can always be challenging as the players are familiarizing themselves with their teammates and many times the game of soccer itself.  These intro plans are great for simply engaging your team.

As your team starts to develop a general understanding of basic skills and terminology it is ideal to move onto basic skill training that focuses on passing, dribbling, shooting and defending.

The introduction of additional skills and team play will help start to build some basic team dynamics.  As your team starts to develop more skills, introducing team play will aid in your training sessions.

Dribbling specific drills will help your players start to develop an understanding of ball movement.  These drills are designed to aid in dribbling, general awareness and ball control skills.

Coordination and teamwork play an important role in youth soccer and player development.  As your team starts to engage as a group of players rather than individual players you'll find these drills most effective.

As your players develop individually you'll have an opportunity to introduce skills and training plans that develop passing, receiving and juggling skills.

WYSA has dedicated resources for coaches that provide lessons and plans for players of all ages and skill levels.

USYS has developed plans specific for age groups U6, U8, U10, U12, U14, U16 and U19.

Coaches interested in obtaining their coaching license can learn more at the US Soccer Education Center.

Coaches and Managers can find referee fee information below for all ages and competition levels.

Our Coaches and Managers should make sure they are aware of the club's current health and safety policies.

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