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Strike FC has offered families throughout southeast Wisconsin the opportunity to play soccer since 1981. 


We have operated under a number of club names and came together as SFC Wisconsin in 2012.  Today, we are known as Strike FC Wisconsin.  


The majority of our training and game facilities are located in an area known as Lake Country, WI (Arrowhead, Kettle Moraine, and Oconomowoc areas).  And, our program reaches far beyond our facilities. 


SFC is a non-profit organization ran by an elected board of directors with a passion for the club and an outstanding professional coaching staff that has a great deal of success and experience in youth soccer.


We exist for the kids. We develop our players to be the best they can and want to be, from three years of age through high school, in a fun and challenging training environment. We continuously look for the best coaches and we work to improve our programs year after year.


What makes us unique is that we offer an unmatched range of programs to suit all player levels, desires, and age groups, from a toddler’s introduction to soccer through the most elite soccer leagues in the Midwest.  We have a program for your player, which will match his or her intensity, desires, and skills. Whether they are looking for an opportunity to play relaxed recreational soccer games on the weekend or intend on playing Division I college soccer, these opportunities and more exist at SFC.


We work very hard to make our programs affordable to all players. Fundraising and sponsorship are essential to making this possible, and we may ask that all of our members participate in fundraising programs during the season.  We do not want to see a child be denied the opportunity to play soccer because of financial reasons.  Financial assistance is also available on a case-by-case basis.

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